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About Us

In 1997, American Business Telephone & Technologies (ABT&T) commenced operations by providing telephone system sales and installations to local area businesses. Since then we have expanded to incorporate a telephone factory which provides refinishing services to enterprise-sized customers. Our main focus is to extend the lifecycle of telephone hardware for continued usability and cost benefits. We rejuvenate used telephones to aesthetically pleasing condition by sanitizing, repairing, refurbishing and paint refinishing. This led to the establishment of All Products Painting (APP), a division of ABT&T which specializes in customized paint refinishing services for telephones and a multitude of other products. In 2005, due do the increasing need of off-site storage for old and unused telecom and data equipment, as well as, currently used equipment, we began to offer an off-site warehousing option to our clients. This allows companies to rid their on-site space of unwanted equipment and place it off-site in a clean and organized warehouse space that is managed by ABT&T. Equipment is inventoried and shelved for later disposal or delivery/shipment to offices in CT and nationwide. Companies are able to save money and time, as well as, GO GREEN. Because of our diverse services, American Business Telephone & Technologies has become the "one stop" telecommunications company for many of our clients. Whether they need to purchase telephone equipment and accessories, install a telephone system, refurbish and repair their telephones or have us manage their telecom equipment, we are there for them. Come and join the team and experience the ABT&T difference.


We are committed to outperform your expectations and deliver world class products and services.
We pride ourselves on prompt turn around and response time.
We always seek ways to better ourselves resulting in greater value for our customers.


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We focus on superior quality workmanship ?complete service evaluation, quality testing, superb paint refinishing
We pride ourselves on our highly experienced & trained staff.
We strive for a zero return rate on all our telephone repair and refurbishing.
We utilize high quality approved OEM replacement parts

Customer Satisfaction

Listening and meeting each customer's unique requirements is essential to a positive customer relationship.
Being responsive to your requests ensures your company's needs are addressed promptly
We strive for 100% customer satisfaction by providing high quality telephones and top-notch service.
A satisfied customer is a long-lasting customer.
We are here for the long term and we want you to be too.