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Other Services

Warehousing/Online Inventory Tracking

Our spacious warehouse offers businesses offsite storage for telecom and data equipment with delivery and shipping services available to business sites nationwide. Online tracking of your stored inventory allows quick access to product availability. Call for more information.

Telecom Equipment Recycling

Old and no longer used equipment can be broken down and recycled. Equipment will be disposed using "green" methods that are safe to our environment. Call for more information.


Polycoms can transform any call into a conference call; with multiple microtelephones and easy to use keypad any standard office room can be changed into a conference room.
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Hot Line

Our special RED Telephone program provides RED HOTLINE phones for a wide range of communication needs for commercial, private, military and government agencies.
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Passive Call Recording

SonicView integrates with all phone types to passively record all calls. User friendly login provides immediate call recall for review. Calls sorted by date, time, or user, click and play to speakers, download to USB, email, or group to Microsoft Excel spreadsheet. View Link